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Rowie Schopman's Blog



Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2012.11.15

Every day your body has to deal with toxins. These are environmental toxins and the ones we take in from alcohol, cigarettes, polluted air and water and chemicals in hair and skin products. That is why we have to clean our system once in a while.

Most of the toxins in your body are created by the food you eat, so it can be a very good idea to give all your organs a break by giving them a few days where you don’t eat a lot of food that makes your system have to work hard to digest.

There are many forms of detoxes, it can be from a day, up to weeks of not eating or just eating very little and very healthy to give your system a chance to flush the bad stuff out. There are many good ways to supplement the detox, such as massage, breath work, yoga, sauna and steaming. It is a very intense treatment and it is very challenging both mentally and physically, so it is advisable to do a detox with a professional guide.

Many people prefer doing the detox on a retreat because often it is easier to be on a strict diet if you are in a new environment away from your own fridge and all your bad habits. On a retreat you will also have all the support you need to overcome the challenges you meet and to get the treatments that help your system detox faster and ease the discomfort.

Detoxing your body has a lot of effects and it is possible that the first three days you feel very uncomfortable. You can feel hung-over because you are de...