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Matt Sinbad

  • Helped others with: Happiness & selfworth, Conflicts, Confusion, Emotionally unbalanced, Depression, Life energy, Mirroring, Alignment, Addiction, Marital/relationship issues, Balance, Sexuality, All imbalances - body and mind, Anxiety, Energitic flow, Fertility problems, Freedom, Frustration, Trust, Transformational healing, Spirituality, Sadness, Prone to cry, Old convictions, Out of balance, Personal development, Low back pain, Negative pattern

  • Treatment: Sacred sexuality healing, Shamanic healing, Tantra

  • Price: 

    Type: 1 on 1 or 1 on 2
    Cost: 100 - 150 € per hour

    Type: 2 on 1 or 2 on 2
    Cost: 150 - 200   € per hour

    Methods and techniques
    -Illumination Process (clearing the blueprint)
    -Trigger-point massage (full body dearmouring)
    -Vagina and cervix dearmouring
    -Prostate, penis and urethra dearmouring
    -G-spot massage and female ejaculation
    -Anal release work for men and women
    -Sensitive massage to arouse sexual energy

    -Full body energy orgasm

    -Throat chakra opening
    -Selfpleasuring and orgasm coaching
    -How to separate ejaculation from being orgasmic
    -Blue ball syndrome solution


    Single session woman

    Single session man

    Couple sessions

    Group sessions

    Tantric initiation 5 hours

    Full tantric initiation 15 hours

    Dakini and Daka education 50 hour

    Private Consultancies 5-7 Days

About me and my work

Unique Tantra offers guidance for women, men and couples who bravely wish to journey into their deepest core of being. It is here within your purest essence, that you will be completely free to experience your natural state of divine bliss and integrated oneness.

Tantra is the original ‘holistic’ way of life, yoking body, mind and spirit into living life as a whole. Polarities of good and evil, pure and impure, matter and spirit are done away with as unnecessary barriers to a direct experience of cosmic consciousness. With great finesse, tantra uses material reality for spiritual unfoldment.

According to Tantra, everything in the universe is perfect as it is; the limitations that exist are within the mind. It is said in the Tripurarahasya: "Though in reality there is no bondage, the individual is in bondage as long as there exists the feeling of limitation in him."

Unique Tantra is not a sect or a religion, and adheres to no specific belief system, there are no prerequisites, there is no judgement or hierarchical structure. Everyone is recognised as a unique being so advice and guidance is offered confidentially, on a personal level addressing the specific needs and longings of each individual.Be prepared to see your life as a sexual being in a totally fresh and pure way. Unique Tantra practice offers you the key to the door to sexual freedom and confidence.You have within you the seed to learn the power of love, to heal and love yourself - a good place from which to love others. By integrating spiritual energy with sexual energy we learn to move freely toward wholeness, conscious loving and inner peace. As a spiritual practice, this is enlightenment through ecstasy.

The importance of working with the spiritual or energetic body is because this is where the history of all past trauma, programming and conditioning, that consciously or unconsciously influences the way we walk in the world, is stored as an energetic blue print in our luminous energy field. Healing into wholeness happens as we unwrap these layers that effectively are separating us from ourselves. As we do this we reconnect to the earth, our physical bodies, our sexuality and our authentic selves and we are once again able to experience our divine soul as unconditional love.


Private Consultancy

A personal journey into freedom, empowerment and sexual liberation for those who are ready to take full responsibility for their journey of healing into wholeness and want change now! This is an opportunity for singles, couples, friends, families or small groups, regardless of sexual orientation, to fully engage in their sexual and spiritual evolution and transform their lives inside and out.

This journey may be embarked upon from the safety and comfort of your own home, holiday villa, retreat centre, private yacht or as a sacred journey through a land you have always dreamed of visiting.
Pre-requisites; an open mind, a sense of humour, a sense of adventure, a deep longing to rediscover your authentic self, a willingness to be present, to fully participate in clearing your personal and emotional laundry and an absolute knowing that you are completely capable of doing so!
What is provided by Unique Tantra; absolute confidentiality, safe and sacred space, love and presence from one or both of us as professional sexual shamanic practitioners with years of experience working with the physical body, mind body, emotional body and spiritual or energetic body. The importance of working with the spiritual or energetic body is because this is where the history of all past trauma, programming and conditioning that consciously or unconsciously influences the way we walk in the world is stored as an energetic blue print in our luminous energy field.
What is provided by the recipient(s); all return travel expenses to any destination worldwide , meals, private accommodation and daily consultancy fees for minimum 3-day consultancy.
Possible side effects; mind, body and soul coming into alignment. Reconnection to physical body, emotional body and sexuality, clarity of mind and taking responsibility for the reality you are creating through what you are feeding your consciousness to. Feeling more joyful, vibrant, alive, passionate, sensitive, creative, empowered and connected to yourself, your peers and your environment. Experiencing what it is like to live a deep and meaningful life, to walk with ease and flow in a wonderful world of divine syncronicity.


Location options


Private home

Holiday Villa

Private Yacht

Retreat Center

Sacred Journey


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Matt Sinbad's Blog

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Matt completely removed the fear and old patterns that caused me to compromise myself and attend to other peoples needs and demands before considering what was right for me. After the sessions I felt like every cell in my body was bussing and completely reprogramming and I am now able to reclaim myself and say no. - And to connect with my own vulnerability and my divine femininity. I highly recommend Matt, his skill and integrity is extraordinary.

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I shared a session with Matt when he was in New Zealand earler in the year. I found him to be an open, warm, skilled and powerful practioner. The session was truly healing and beneficial to me and I felt held and supported by him and left the session feeling more in balance and in tune with myself. I would not hesistate to recommend him to anyone dealing with issues around sexuality, intimacy and generally feeling out of balance.