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Denmark: Best treatments

Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Massage
Helped others with: Digestive problems, Relaxation, Foot pain, Knee pain
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Acupressure (childbirth), Fertility, Acupuncture, Birthing class
Helped others with: All imbalances - body and mind, Pregnancy related edema & nausea, Migraine, Child birth
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Coaching, Chinese medicine
Helped others with: Out of balance, Headache, Muscle pain, Delicate membranes
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Bio-resonans testing and Homeopathy
Helped others with: Allergy, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Confusion, Trauma
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Company treatments, Body-sds massage, Body-sds training
Helped others with: Muscle tension, Hip pain, Low back pain, Muscle pain
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Doula, Acupressure (childbirth), Northern light massage, Infant massage
Helped others with: Birth preparation, Child birth, Pregnancy, Colic
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Energy Healing, Massage, Clairvoyance
Helped others with: Back pain, Inner child work, Joint pain, Neck pain
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Clairvoyance, Meditation, Visualization, Balancing
Helped others with: Confusion, Life energy, Anxiety, All imbalances - body and mind
Locations: Denmark (København)
Treatments: Acupressure, Coaching, Massage, Group meditation
Helped others with: Fatigue, Happiness & selfworth, Balance, Energitic flow
Locations: Denmark (Sjælland og øer)
Treatments: Body-sds massage
Helped others with: Joint pain, All imbalances - body and mind, Detox, Muscle tension
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