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This is about : Mindfulness Crystal healing, Detox

Heal your body and mind

Heal your body and mind

Posted by Ann Randrup on 2013.02.18


Here are our primary recommendations to feel better, become more healthy and relase stress
Breathing properly, into your stomach.  Letting the air flow correctly through the body.  This releases tension and clears blocks in the body, therefore allowing the earths energy to flow through you and so connecting you to your higher intentions.
Drinking water.  Minimum X8 glasses a day.  Not around food or it becomes food.  Water is the fuel for the body.  If everyone drank the correct quota of water a day there would probably be 80% less illness in the world.  Its like trying to run a car without fuel or oil.  The engine will eventually blow up.
When feeling stressed.  Breath, pull your belly button in, relax your shoulders, pull yourself to the back of your body and to the back of your head.  You will now be behind your body and therefore no...
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