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Unworthy? Ugly? Love it

Unworthy? Ugly? Love it

Posted by Sabrina Siobhan Rohbock ♥ on 2013.03.05

So often we judge ourselves to be unworthy or even "ugly" - "imperfect" - we prefer the kodak moments - where the image we present to the outside world is together - a certain style. We all have messy moments where we shout, judge, compete, are inauthentic, hold the truth of a moment back. Look behind the pattern and see the pain and isolation that causes these reactions. We can heal our pain instead of defending it or trying to hide it. If we feel we are not enough in ourselves - and try to project an image of perfection or inflated confidence - consider instead - loving what is. Love who you are - love the fear, love the fear of being seen, love the fear of not being enough, love the being that is trying to be and not allowing itself faith in its worthiness.

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An Open Heart - Abundance

An Open Heart - Abundance

Posted by Sabrina Siobhan Rohbock ♥ on 2013.02.26