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This is about : Pregnancy Love, Alignment, Birth preparation, Happiness & selfworth, Negative pattern, Personal development, Spirituality, Well-being, Energitic flow, Holistic healing, Emotionally unbalanced, Wellness, Freedom

Self love part 2

Self love part 2

Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2012.12.04


Last Thursday I decided to take the day off.
I was not sure if I could stay off line, but I managed to be almost off and we had a lovely day. Of cause I had a pile of extra work waiting for me Friday and I did not have time to do my daily blog post till today. So I will try to find alternative ways to practice self-love without missing a whole day of work :)

My first resolution is to find time during my normal day for myself. Being a mother with a full time job it is not so easy. But here is my plan:

- Start the day with a detox drink: one lemon squeezed in water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup – it actually taste good! 

- Take a bath almost every night with 2 spoons of salt

- Listen to a 20 min mediation every night that take me right to sleep (I found the best meditations on the App store. Let me know if you want the name)

On top of that I will try to squeeze a weekly yoga class or a run or a pilates session in. And in general try to be kinder to myself. Not stress about work. Let go of judgment and expectations. Especially judgment towards myself – but also towards othe...

This is about : Pregnancy Holistic healing, Alignment, Negative pattern, Fertility problems, Well-being, Birth preparation, Wellness, Freedom, Love, Spirituality, Personal development, Happiness & selfworth, Emotionally unbalanced, Energitic flow



Posted by Ann Randrup on 2012.11.29