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This is about : Sacred sexuality healing Tantra

Tantra - Sex and the City

Tantra - Sex and the City

Posted by Ann Randrup on 2012.11.14

When my boyfriend suggested me to try out Tantra I was completely outraged. From what I had heard about Tantra it did not sound like my cup of tea In my mind Tantra was for vied men who could go on for hours without coming and who wanted that? To have a man going on for ever and ever without ever finishing. No thank you – not very appealing.

And I still remember that episode from Sex and the City, where the girls take a Tantra class in a New York apartment. The teacher is an older woman with a strong Russian accent, and just like that she is getting ready to demonstrate a special massage technique right there on the living room floor. Her husband comes in, takes off his robe and stands naked and choppy in front of the girls - and already here Miranda and I have had enough. But the woman gets to work and the whole thing ends in a massive ejaculation that ends up in Miranda's hair with a splash. Outragingly disgusting! So it was somewhat of challenge for me to become ready to try it out.

Slowly over the last couple of years I have realized that I might have got the wrong idea about Tantra. So I decided to try it out. I signed up for a Tantra class with Diamond Light Tantra in London and showed up one Friday nigh feeling both unsure and curious about the weekend ahead of me. Turned out it was very different to what I expected. And a lot better. It was very healing and releasing. The exercises were sweet and loving. And when you like me ...

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