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This is about : Soul mission work Life energy, Alignment, Life force energy work, Love, Fatigue, Spirituality, Freedom, Out of balance, Happiness & selfworth, Holistic healing

Connect with all that is

Connect with all that is

Posted by Sabrina Siobhan Rohbock ♥ on 2013.03.11


Meditation is not only about being alone, or sitting cross legged on the floor.  Being alone and the lotus position are wonderful - but there are other ways to connect with your presence and the universal soul that we are all a part of.

You can always take a moment to breathe deeply, to absorb the light of the sun and the beautiful vibrations that nature offers us - free of charge - at any time of the day or night.

We are all connected and made of the same substances found in nature - the elements, light, space, energy.  

You can be on a beach, in a field with eyes open - and breathing in the energy that is available to you from the sunlight, the leaves, the soil or sand that you stand on.  You can have the same sense of space that the sky is there to express for us.

All you have to do is take a moment, and align with what you feel you need for that moment - it may be light, it may be space, it may be a sense of peace, or a sense of fertility - the earth and the universe offers all.

This is about : Soul mission work Love, Happiness & selfworth, Sense of direction, Spirituality, Well-being, Balance, Energitic flow, Relaxation, Peace of mind, Freedom, Trust



Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2013.02.18


121212 was special in many ways. Firstly it was my birthday and that in itself is a big thing for me.
On top of that it was a very special date of this magic year 2012.

For people like me who believe that 2012 bring us a shift in consciousness  this day wasconsidered to be an activation. 
This activation will run from today till the 21st of December.

And on this day we were invited to raise our love energy and allow a higher consciousness to flow through us and anchor on the earth. This day has marked that it is a time for us to awaken and to connect with ourselves and live from our hearts. It is time to start trusting life and allow things to change and grow.

It is time to live our truth and be grateful for the abundance of food and companionship we have. It is time we start honouring the Earth in a new way that allows our beautiful planet to thrive. May every heart feel the gifts of this loving presence within them so peace may prevail.

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