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a doula at your birth?

a doula at your birth?

Posted by Helen Becker Hansen on 2012.11.28

Very few women are totally relaxed and unfrightened of the prospect of a delivery. Even if a birth can be the most wonderful experience a women can have, so many pregnant women go thru pregnancy full of fear, mainly because they have heard exaggerated horror stories, or they have already experienced a birth that scared them, because they felt left to themselves in todays busy delievery wards, where the midwives where running around from room to room without time to consentrate on the individual.

A doula is your own personal birth-helper. She will be with you from the onset all the way thru to the end! She has no other commitment that day. She is a woman, who herself has given birth, who has been trained in the aspects of birth and who knows what you are going thru - and she can assist you in many diffent ways, whatever you and your partner might prefer, to help ease your labour. 

A doula at the birth has been documented to have the following effects: C-sections down 50%. Labor inductive drugs down 40% Epidurals down 30% and time of parturition down 25%

Does this sound too good to be true? Try it, you just might like it! :-)

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