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This is about : Clarity

Full moon

Full moon

Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2012.11.28

Today we will have a very strong full moon and this is a good time to consider what you need and to nurture yourself. 

On this day of 28 November there is both a lunar eclipse and full moon in the astrological sign of Gemini, at 3:47 pm CET.

And maybe you have noticed yourself and others going through very intense times these past two weeks? Well if you have there are good reasons for it. Because this full moon marks the end of a two week period since the total solar eclipse on 13 November.  

So after sunset tonight look for the full moon rising and take a moment to consider what you need and allow it into your life. You will also see that the moon is extremely close to the planet Jupiter. This means that tonight could be a release and opening of the intensity you have been experiencing, and just might be a turning point in how you are viewing your life. Clarity on any issues that have been not so clear to you could start tonight! 

The moon will continue to move closer to Jupiter all evening and they be at their closest point, or 'conjunct', at 2:04 am CET tomorrow, 29 November.

This is about : Clarity Out of balance, Anxiety, Birth preparation, Fatigue, Muscle pain, Pain control, Personal development, Well-being, Balance, Back pain, Relaxation, All imbalances - body and mind, Muscle tension, Peace of mind, Freedom

Alexander Technique & me

Alexander Technique & me

Posted by Elena Mari on 2012.11.16