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Heal your body and mind


Tina Cutlers top 4 recommendations to you

Posted by Ann Randrup on 2013.02.18

Treatments : Crystal healing, Detox, Mindfulness

Region : London, Ibiza

Issues : All imbalances - body and mind, Holistic healing, Wellness, Detox


Here are our primary recommendations to feel better, become more healthy and relase stress
Breathing properly, into your stomach.  Letting the air flow correctly through the body.  This releases tension and clears blocks in the body, therefore allowing the earths energy to flow through you and so connecting you to your higher intentions.
Drinking water.  Minimum X8 glasses a day.  Not around food or it becomes food.  Water is the fuel for the body.  If everyone drank the correct quota of water a day there would probably be 80% less illness in the world.  Its like trying to run a car without fuel or oil.  The engine will eventually blow up.
When feeling stressed.  Breath, pull your belly button in, relax your shoulders, pull yourself to the back of your body and to the back of your head.  You will now be behind your body and therefore no longer attached to the situation.  If you attach to anything apart from yourself, without selfishness or ego, you will create blocks in the body and therefore dis -ease in the body.  We are not here to attach to people, places or things.  Keep your universe clear. You will have more energy and your equilibrium will remain at optimum level and therefore you will be happy and healthy.  To remember its your movie out there. You are the Producer, Director, the main actor in your movie and you employ everyone in your movie.  To take responsibility for the calma you invite into your life. If you don' like your movie change it. Have clear intentions and awareness with this. And remember not to attach to your intentions. 20 minutes of meditation or hypnosis a day will keep you in the correct space. 
Exercise - 20 mins a day is all you need.  This releases tension and held negative energy and move the chi around your body.
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Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2012.11.27

The state of well-being is where most of us thrive for, for all our life. It is the state of being relaxed, balanced and at peace with yourself.

Your well-being can be disturbed by lots of factors such as stress, pain and fatigue. To become in a state of well-being again you can do a lot of thing, the most important is to relax. You can do this by breathing exercises, sports, read a good book or have a good time with your friends. Also it is important to be in balance with yourself, yoga can help you with this.

Last but not least is being at peace with ourselves; knowing who you are and be comfortable with yourself. In the enclosed video you can find positive affirmations to make yourself feel good about you and get more relaxed.

Are you pregnant?

Are you pregnant?

Posted by Ann Randrup on 2012.11.14

Hello, my name is Ann and I am the person behind MyBestTreat. I would like to welcome you to this first feature which is about pregnancy and birth. Firstly I write about this because it is a turbulent time in a woman’s life where new needs can occur. Secondly because I gave birth to a baby daughter a few months ago and I were quite surprised how challenging the entire process was for both body and mind.

Throughout the pregnancy I re-lived all the issues I have ever had in my life – physical and emotional. Again and again I felt I was completely back to scratch; when problems I though I had dealt with and put behind me suddenly reappeared. My allergies came back, my digestion problems, my anxiety - and all the conflicts I have ever had with my husband came back with a new intensity. So we had to go back into couple’s therapy and I had to see my homeopath, my healer and my massage therapist over again. On top of that I experienced new issues: I had a painful pelvic instability in the 3rd month of my pregnancy, I had water in my body, and a feeling of being trapped – just to name a few. It took me quite some time to find the people who could help me with all the new problems. But after a month of intense search I found someone who could treat my unstable pelvis – and it was quite a relief to be able to walk again.

Then of course there was all the considerations about the actual birth. Should the delivery be in water ...

Meet Marcus Klaudi

Meet Marcus Klaudi

Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2012.11.14

We are meeting Marcus Klaudi at his clinic in downtown Copenhagen. Marcus is a massage therapist and healer and six months ago he created a profile on MyBestTreat, an online community about health. He has not regretted his decision.

During his first six months on MyBestTreat Marcus got 30 new clients and increased his prices and he no longer needs to worry about computers and marketing. Marcus Klaudi is a massage therapist and has been working with massage and healing for 12 years.

Judging from his recommendations on the website MyBestTreat he is very good at what he does. His profile on the site is well visited, it has brought him many new clients and made it possible for him to increase his prices. However, getting new clients is not the only positive effect Marcus has experienced since he started using MyBestTreat. ”I am really happy to be on MyBestTreat and not having to spend my time on marketing activities and updating my website. This is so much easier. I simply ask my clients to visit my profile and give me a recommendation. I don’t even have to write a lot of information about what I do, because they write it for me.”

The recommendations Marcus has recieved on MyBestTreat speak for themselves. Reading through them you will see that Marcus has cured issues such as pain in the feet, knees, back, neck and shoulders, stiffness and pelvic instability. Another theme that shows up repeatedly in his recommendatio...

Tantra - Sex and the City

Tantra - Sex and the City

Posted by Ann Randrup on 2012.11.14

When my boyfriend suggested me to try out Tantra I was completely outraged. From what I had heard about Tantra it did not sound like my cup of tea In my mind Tantra was for vied men who could go on for hours without coming and who wanted that? To have a man going on for ever and ever without ever finishing. No thank you – not very appealing.

And I still remember that episode from Sex and the City, where the girls take a Tantra class in a New York apartment. The teacher is an older woman with a strong Russian accent, and just like that she is getting ready to demonstrate a special massage technique right there on the living room floor. Her husband comes in, takes off his robe and stands naked and choppy in front of the girls - and already here Miranda and I have had enough. But the woman gets to work and the whole thing ends in a massive ejaculation that ends up in Miranda's hair with a splash. Outragingly disgusting! So it was somewhat of challenge for me to become ready to try it out.

Slowly over the last couple of years I have realized that I might have got the wrong idea about Tantra. So I decided to try it out. I signed up for a Tantra class with Diamond Light Tantra in London and showed up one Friday nigh feeling both unsure and curious about the weekend ahead of me. Turned out it was very different to what I expected. And a lot better. It was very healing and releasing. The exercises were sweet and loving. And when you like me ...

Help MBT improve

Help MBT improve

Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2012.11.28

Dear users and practitioners of MyBestTreat,

We would like to make MyBestTreat better and therefore we would like to learn about your needs and hear your opinion.
It only takes 2 minutes to fill out the questionnaire.
We created two different surveys so you don't need to answer questions that are not relevant for you.

The questionnaire for users:
The questionnaire for practitioners:

Thank you so much in advance for your great help.

Many warm greetings