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Alexander Technique & me


Promote your wellbeing learning to prevent harmful habits of strain

Posted by Elena Mari on 2012.11.16

Treatments : Alexander technique

Issues : Clarity, All imbalances - body and mind, Fatigue, Anxiety, Out of balance, Back pain, Pain control, Balance, Birth preparation, Well-being, Freedom, Peace of mind, Personal development, Muscle pain, Relaxation, Muscle tension

This is a message of hope and trust in your capacity to improve your life. As a Alexander Technique teacher, I appreciate that Ann has encouraged me to share my experience in order to illustrate how this method can help you create your own well-being.

The Alexander Technique is a method of achieving conscious control of the mind and body to regain the kind of natural coordination that many of us had only as a kids.

I began to take Alexander Technique lessons eight years ago, the reason was that I lost control over my legs and.  As a result, I suddenly couldn’t walk anymore, also I had a terrible pain. Medicine (orthopedics, neurologists,...) got nowhere, it couldn’t give me either a diagnosis or a solution.

However, by means of Alexander Technique I could regain the control of my own motion, I could walk again and got over the pain. Even in my first lesson, I was astonished by the fact that only with the gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanations of my teacher, my entire musculature began responding to my intentions.

Learning to be aware and prevent my habits of strain has also made me find the serenity to overcome my breathing problems and, in general, to get a better health. Thanks to Alexander Technique, I trust in my capacity for taking care of my own wellness in any situation, choosing the most effective way to get any activity with minimum effort. I’ve learnt to really be in contact with myself and with my surrounding, here and now. You can also learn it and profit from all these benefits. Wherever you live, you will probably find a teacher nearby.

The Alexander Technique has helped me so much that I decided to study the three years of the teachers training course to share this knowledge. A few months ago, I moved to Ibiza, and I’m proud to be the first certified teacher on the island that can offer Alexander Technique lessons during all year.

Elena Marí

Alexander Technique Ibiza  676552951

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Future menu Kale

Future menu Kale

Posted by Justin Field on 2015.04.15

Its a busy time here at casa sana as far as the garden goes . lots of seeds and plantells need special attention . One of my favourite things on the menu is Red kale a nutritional powerhouse filled with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Not to mention, rich in chlorophyll which alkalizes the blood and contain fiber which keeps the GI healthy and happy. Cruciferous leafy greens (kale, mustard greens, collard greens, cabbage, broccoli) may be some of the best when it comes to dark leafy greens.

Maybe you will get to taste the fruits of my labour up here on the mountain top eco retreat Casa sana , where i provide a full menu based on your nutritional needs . 

saludos !



Posted by Rowie Schopman on 2012.11.15

Every day your body has to deal with toxins. These are environmental toxins and the ones we take in from alcohol, cigarettes, polluted air and water and chemicals in hair and skin products. That is why we have to clean our system once in a while.

Most of the toxins in your body are created by the food you eat, so it can be a very good idea to give all your organs a break by giving them a few days where you don’t eat a lot of food that makes your system have to work hard to digest.

There are many forms of detoxes, it can be from a day, up to weeks of not eating or just eating very little and very healthy to give your system a chance to flush the bad stuff out. There are many good ways to supplement the detox, such as massage, breath work, yoga, sauna and steaming. It is a very intense treatment and it is very challenging both mentally and physically, so it is advisable to do a detox with a professional guide.

Many people prefer doing the detox on a retreat because often it is easier to be on a strict diet if you are in a new environment away from your own fridge and all your bad habits. On a retreat you will also have all the support you need to overcome the challenges you meet and to get the treatments that help your system detox faster and ease the discomfort.

Detoxing your body has a lot of effects and it is possible that the first three days you feel very uncomfortable. You can feel hung-over because you are de...

Ayurveda og Yoga

Ayurveda og Yoga

Posted by Dorte Larsen on 2012.10.23

Yoga og Ayurveda er begge vediske videnskaber, der som søstre har fulgtes ad siden oldtiden for at give rekreation og styrke til kroppen, sindet og bevidstheden. Lidt forenklet kan man sige at Ayurveda beskræftiger sig med kroppens sundhed, mens yoga er fokuseret på, at sindet har det godt: Yoga og åndedrætsøvelserne opløfter livsenergien, mens de ayurvediske oliebehandlinger giver næring og omsorg til kroppen og dens mange oplagrede indtryk. De er begge spirituelt baserede tilgange til mennesket og vores indre og ydre sundhed. I kombination er Ayurveda og Yoga en særdeles effektiv og bivirkningsfri hurtigrute tilbage til styrke, kraft og livslyst efter perioder med sygdom, stress, lavt selvværd og andre belastende omstændigheder. Og en særdeles effektiv vej til at optimere kropslig og mental sundhed. Meget forenklet sagt, så er Yoga som en disciplinerende og opmærksom far, der vejleder og nærer sindet, så det holder sig sundt og i fuld vigør. Ayurveda er en kærlig mor som nærer kroppen og følelserne for derigennem at skabe dyb harmoni og velvære.

Holisticliving -hvad?

Holisticliving -hvad?

Posted by Ane Sofie Kieffer Lerche on 2012.11.07

Ingen mennesker er ens og intet menneske er præcis den samme altid.... Holisticliving er derfor bygget op med forskellige indgangsvinkler til mennesket som hver især og ikke mindst sammen kan bane vejen for en dybdegående udvikling henimod balance. Her er det hele menneske i fokus og en konsultation/behandling kan derfor se meget forskellig ud afhængig af hvem og hvor klienten er på et givent tidspunkt. En kombination af forskellige metoder kan desuden være en fin og effektiv vej til udvikling. Klienter der f.eks. er ramt af traumer, stress og/eller depression og som ønsker at arbejde dybdegående med selvudvikling, kan med fordel kombinere ID psykoterapi og Holistisk massage. Andre der f.eks. søger motivationen til at komme i gang med at leve sundt, vil sandsynligvis kunne drage nytte af en kombi af ID coaching & Holistisk motion. Dette skal ikke forstås som et fast mønster men nærmere som en mulighed, som altid tilrettelægges udfra den enkelte situation. Tænk dig du skal bygge et hus og har en værktøjkasse fuld af forskellige værktøjer. Nogle af dem er til nedbrydning, andre til opbygning. Nogle sliber de unødvendige lag af, andre fylder tomme huller ud, nogle former og giver struktur og soliditet, andre igen opløser... For at bygge huset er det nødvendigt med dem alle. På samme måde har vi alle brug for at opløse stivnede, reaktive mønstre, at heale de sår vi har tilegnet os gennem tiden, og at opbygge de ressourcer, der skal til for at vi kan stå både i livets op og n...

a doula at your birth?

a doula at your birth?

Posted by Helen Becker Hansen on 2012.11.28

Very few women are totally relaxed and unfrightened of the prospect of a delivery. Even if a birth can be the most wonderful experience a women can have, so many pregnant women go thru pregnancy full of fear, mainly because they have heard exaggerated horror stories, or they have already experienced a birth that scared them, because they felt left to themselves in todays busy delievery wards, where the midwives where running around from room to room without time to consentrate on the individual.

A doula is your own personal birth-helper. She will be with you from the onset all the way thru to the end! She has no other commitment that day. She is a woman, who herself has given birth, who has been trained in the aspects of birth and who knows what you are going thru - and she can assist you in many diffent ways, whatever you and your partner might prefer, to help ease your labour. 

A doula at the birth has been documented to have the following effects: C-sections down 50%. Labor inductive drugs down 40% Epidurals down 30% and time of parturition down 25%

Does this sound too good to be true? Try it, you just might like it! :-)