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This network is created for people who wish to help each other find the best possible practitioners. We hope that you will share your good experiences on this site share and help others in the same situation further their search for the best help.
We wish to protect all our users – both practitioners and those who seek treatment.
Therefore we have some user terms that we request you to be aware of and accept by checking the box.
Important information:
A sharing venue for adults:
We want the debate to be only among and between adults. For that reason, it is a condition all participatants and users have turned 18 years and likewise have reached the age of maturity.
The information presented on the site reflects the users’ own experiences.
We do not take any responsibility for the correctness of the available information. We make spot checks and attempt to ensure that all information on the site is correct, however, we cannot maintain general control of all information. This applies both to the experiences with the practitioners that the users share as well as the treatment that the practitioners have described on the site.
The information therefore consists solely of the views and attitudes of individual users/practitioners; we have no responsibility for the opinions expressed. A user’s opinion towards a practitioner or a practitioner’s expression for which treatments that can be beneficial under special circumstances is therefore not an example of our position, but should only be read as an individual opinion by the single user or practitioner.
Be aware that particular cases of illnesses can require medical treatment and that this webpage by no means can replace professional guidance. Start always by visiting your general practitioner and explaining your problem. The webpage cannot and should not replace your contact with your personal doctor/practitioner and you can by no means make a diagnosis or determine treatment only by the use of the webpage.
User ethics
All users are committed to be honest and sincere with their recommendations and must only recommend practitioners that they have tried and consequently have personal experiences with.
Users are only allowed to open one personal profile. Practitioners are not allowed to recommend themselves.
Users that have recommended a practitioner are committed to be helpful and assist with further advice and guidance. This is been done by providing details about their experiences and to guide other users who wish to contact them in the internal message-system on the site.            
We reserve the right to delete information and profiles:
We want our webpage always to contain truthful and useful information about treatment and ways of treatment, and we reserve therefore the right to – with no further explanation –delete texts partially or completely.
We reserve the right to delete a user/practitioner–profile, without any kind of obligation to inform the background for this decision, which could be due to the fact of a violation on these user terms, or general legislation or harassment behaviour or anything in a similar way. Likewise we reserve the right to shut out people from future registration if we find basis for this, without the necessity to explain the background for this decision.
We will not tolerate any racial discrimination, gender discrimination, condescension, harassment, or unethical contributions and will therefore request you to write to us at if you become aware of such contents. We will aim to delete such contents as fast as possible without notice. If you upload unethical material you must expect to be deleted as a user.
Advertisement of treatments or products that do not have anything to do with health or treatment will be removed.
Quackery and Fraud
This site has the intention to represent and promote the best practitioners and only the best experiences belong to this site. We will do everything to ensure the quality of the user’s recommendations and will make continuous spot checks to disclose eventual false announcements.
Quackery (to expose somebody’s health for demonstrable danger) is illegal. If you witness/undergo a certain treatment as quackery we recommend you report it to the police. We request afterwards that you subsequently will inform us on so we can take the necessary measures.
There is no guarantee that all recommendations on the site are valid and we request all users to investigate the information furthermore and eventual contact the person that has given the recommendation in order to investigate the treatment more definite. If you get any suspicious that a recommendation is untrue or you have reason to regard the recommendation as being misleading or decidedly incorrect we request you to report this immediately to us on
The users need also to be aware of that the more people who has recommended at certain practitioners, the greater is the chance that the rating is an example of many peoples opinion and that it can therefore be looked upon as valid.
Temporarily shutdown:
We reserve the right to shut down the webpage or certain functions on the webpage due to technical causes or other causes.
The Personal Data projection Law – you give hereby your consent that we handle and save your information:
We only want to tie serious users to
You can however set up your profile under an alias, but we need to know your personal information to ensure the validity of your profile and your information. Likewise, we reserve the right to ip-log you, so we can ensure the maximum security.
Through registration you provide information including your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number while simultaneously divulging information concerning your state of health .   By filling out the requested information, you accept that we save and process this information.
We will not resell or in any ways use your information to other purposes than these that appear of these user terms and the intentions, which are shown on the webpage as a whole.
[We generally recommend that you use an alias when you register – there are however technical chances that you will be informed when a user has commented on your recommendation or has personal in-box under your profile on the site. We do not give anyone your e-mail addresses to anybody unless you give us permission to do so.]
If you are you a practitioner and you open an account on, the same conditions exists such as that we will keep and process information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information will be published on our webpage in order for users to contact you. By the acceptance of the user conditions you are giving your consent to our data processing of the information.
When you register as a user on our webpage you will receive an activation link by e-mail and you need to use to become a user. This is to make sure that all email addresses are correct and to avoid false entry and false profiles. When following the activation link first step is to select a password. Once you are logged in you can recommend practitioners and you can modify, delete and update any recommendation that you have posted on the site. We recommend that you choose a code which can not easily be broken – using a minimum of 8 characters (letters and/or digits). Then you are secured in the best way against any intruders that intend to access your account.
Our transmission of information happens through existing norms for transmission of information, but we cannot guarantee that information cannot be unintentionally reached by third party as a consequence of illegal entrance in our systems, or because of errors, or disturbances in the operation etc. We do not take any responsibilities in such circumstances.
Payment transactions through the webpage occurs through encrypted lines in agreement with current standards in this area.  
May you for some reason want to delete your user profile you can always do so yourself, or make an application to, which afterwards will carry out the task.
Immaterial rights to content which has been posted on the webpage:   
When you lay out your recommendation on our webpage, you assure that we do not in any way offend a third party rights and that your story is a truthful personal experience of a treatment process and/or illness process. We reserve the right to make a claim for compensation against you if your actions on result in any causes (regardless of the form) in charges or claims against us.
You are only allowed to post content on the webpage which you have the copyright for and you hereby accept to have transferred one and every right to uploaded text, picture material (photos, videos) and all data to This applies also to the contents in our blogs and in our discussion forum. 
All information that is available on belongs to and must not without preceding written consent be used, copied, distributed, sold or in other means be used by others than
Limits of responsibility: 
We do by no means take responsibility – neither direct nor indirect – for the effects of the use of information on or may lead to.
By clicking below you accept to meet all the mentioned requirements and to accept all the mentioned processes, and to meet all the conditions we have hereby established for utilization of this webpage:
Have you not chosen to register as a user on our webpage; you still have to be aware of the limitations and conditions which appear above (with the relevant adaptations), and which also apply for your use of the webpage – regardless of if you are a registered user or not.