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Welcome to MyBestTreat
Hello, my name is Ann and I have created MyBestTreat – a free website where you can share and find the help and support you need for any health issue - body and mind. MyBestTreat is a network where people can share their good experiences and help each other find the best practitioners. It works exactly like old fashioned word of mouth - only the good word is spread wider through the web.
Please share your best treats
Do you know a good dermatologist, a great homeopath or a fantastic coach who has really helped you? We would love to hear about it. Please join MyBestTreat network and share your best experiences with the rest of us. Your recommendation is very valuable and will help other people find the help they need. You will also help your favorite practitioners to become recognized for their good work.
Once we have shared we will all be able to find the help we need to heal and grow - body and mind.
My Story
I have created this site for the love of all the people who need help and in gratitude of all the healers and teachers who have helped me heal and grow in my life.
10 years ago I had terrible problems with my digestion system. The doctor said I was fine, but I had bad cramps and my stomach was often bloated. I had to be on a strict diet and only eat at certain times to avoid the pain. Not only was it painful and I looked pregnant - I also felt that the diet was controlling my life. I tried so many things and finally I talked to someone who had had the same problem. She recommended  a certain homeopath. I booked an appointment and after only one session I was pain free. Suddenly I was able to eat everything and it simply changed my life.
Had I only found help sooner I could have saved myself a lot of pain and discomfort. So I decided to create this site for all to share and help each other find the healing we need - for ourselves and for our families and friends.  
I hope you will be a part of MyBestTreat and help make the world a better place for all of us.
Thank you for being part of this vision and for engaging in MyBestTreat
Warm regards,